Premier Tooling Systems has an outstanding record in the manufacture and delivery of a wide variety of tooling solutions for the Aerospace industry. We pride ourselves on our dedication to satisfying customer requirements through our innovative processes and extensive experience of manufacturing tools for the Aerospace industry.

Our tooling solutions and expertise enables the manufacture of detail components for our clients and aids their assembly and inspection processes through the added value provided by our skillset.

Premier Tooling Systems are a leading engineering R.F. Tooling Specialist with skills in the design and manufacture of Aircrew safety equipment including:

  • Life jackets.
  • Life rafts.
  • Anti-G-suits.
  • Protective/Chemical/Biological/Radioactive suits.
  • Fire safety headgear.
  • Ear defenders.

Jigs and Fixtures


A wide variety of Jig and Fixtures for the Aerospace industry can be designed and manufactured at Premier Tooling Systems, working closely in conjuction with our customers to provide a complete tooling package to solve their tooling issues.

We are happy to supply custom solutions to the Aerospace industry from Computer Aided Design and Manufacture to installation. We are able to manufacture in a wide variety of materials including Invar, Titanium, Inconel and composites.

Premier Tooling Systems has a proven track record in providing Jigs and Fixtures to the Aerospace industry, including the following products:

  • Assembly & Drill Jigs.
  • I.C.Y., Machining, Welding & Vacuum Fixtures.
  • Fluid Cell, Hand Form & Rubber Press Tools.